(Notícia publicada a la Standford Social Innovation Review, el 15 de novembre de 2017) 

A New Model of Collaborative Philanthropy

A new effort called Co-Impact is bringing together donors from around the world to better identify, align, and support opportunities for systems-level change.
By Olivia Leland

Today, all over the globe, we have a generation of remarkable social change leaders. They are proving it’s possible to make progress against global challenges, at the individual and community-level, and are now pivoting to focus on solving these problems at scale in deeper partnership with government, other NGOs, and the private sector.

We also have more philanthropists with more resources than ever before, many of whom share a strong aspiration for massive and enduring impact. As the New York Timesrecently noted, “Many new philanthropists appear less interested in naming a business school after themselves than in changing the world.” The number of billionaires worldwide is increasing rapidly, and a survey by Barclays Wealth Management found that 70 percent of billionaires globally report that they are active in philanthropy. The Giving Pledge has now mobilized some 170 wealthy individuals and families from 21 countries to pledge to give away at least half their estimated net worth of more than $800 billion.

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